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General Knowledge India – Ancient and Medieval History Video 3

General Knowledge Ancient Indian History Question Answers Video 3 – here are a Few General Knowledge Questions Medieval History.

Q.1 Which animal is not present in the Lion capital mounted on Ashokan pillar at Sarnath?
Q.2 The famous centre of learning during the Mauryan period was:
Q.3 Who was the author of Silappadikaram, the great Tamil epic?
Q.4 In how many classes was the Indian society divided by Megasthenes?
Q.5 Which dynasty ruled over Magadha after the fall of the Nanda dynasty?
Q.6 The correct chronology of the advent in India is:
Q.7 Which language was used for the propagation of Buddhism?
Q.8 Where did Lord Buddha attain enlightenment?
Q.9 With which religion is the word ‘Tirthankara’ associated?
Q.10 Which principle is not common between Buddhism and Jainism?

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