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Singular and Plural Nouns Lesson 2

Singular and Plural Nouns Lesson 2 By Ranjna Vedhera ..continued…

10. Some nouns have same form for both the singular and plural numbers. For example: Sheep, Deer and Fish can be used as singular as well as plural nouns.
Words like Pair, Dozen, Hundred and Thousand, when placed after numbers look singular but denote plural numbers .
1. I bought three dozen oranges.
2. This table costs me seven thousand rupees.
3. The temple is about two hundred steps from here.
11. Some nouns are used only in plural form, like Scissors, Trousers, Spectacles and tongs.
Names of games such as Billiards, Snookers etc.
12. Some other nouns given below are singular in their meaning but ‘are’ also used as plurals.
Thanks, Proceeds, Nuptials, Assets, Riches, Alms etc.
13. Names of subjects
Such as Mathematics, Physics, and Words such as Politics, Innings, News, etc. have plural form but convey a singular meaning.
Certain collective nouns, like Cattle and People may look singular in form but are always used as plurals.
Cattles are grazing.
Who are these people?
All the gentry of the city are present here.
14. The word ‘people’ also means a ‘nation’ and can be used both as ‘a singular and plural noun’ Example: People – Peoples
15. Some compound nouns form their plurals by adding ‘s’ to the main word : – Examples: Commander in chief – Commanders in chief Son in law – Sons in law Daughter in law – Daughters in law On Looker – On lookers Passer by – Passers by
16. Some nouns have two plural forms but both the forms have different meanings. Examples: Brothers – Sons of the same parent. Brethren – Members of a society or community.
17. Some nouns have different meanings in singular and plural forms. Examples:
Force – strength Forces — armies
Iron – name of a metal Irons – chains
Good – well being something nice Goods – merchandise (things meant to be sold)
Wood – part of a tree used in furniture Woods – forests
18. Letters and figures are made plurals by adding ‘s’ after an apostrophe (‘). Examples:
Tick your i’s and cross your t’s.
Mark all the 2’s and 4’s on this page.

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